Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

As promised, here's a little musical turkey to go along with your leftover turkey sandwiches, two days after Thanksgiving. When you talk about song-poems and musical turkeys together, it's hard not to arrive at the Noval label, sooner rather than later. I have often wondered if Noval's customers were, by and large, happy with the results of their submissions, and also, how much they paid relative to other customers of other labels. There aren't enough Noval releases around to get a sense of whether they had repeat customers, as some of the larger labels did.

Beyond that, I'll let these fairly ridiculous records speak for themselves. As arranged by Fred, here's "Rocking Bronco", performed, as always, by an unnamed singer and band.

Download: No Artist Named (Noval Productions) - Rocking Bronco

And here's the same team, with the expertly, and creatively titled ditty, "Love":

Download: No Artist Named (Noval Productions) - Love

I hope that everyone (or at least those who celebrate it) had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you all have an even better Holiday Season!


Anonymous said...

She sounds kinda like that "RadiOOO Operator" gal, except she's not quite as overpronounced as that song.

Stu Shea said...

I assume the a-side was written for a five-year-old and the b-side written for a 90-year-old?

Thanks for posting! :)

Timmy said...

A side is cool. Plays good, too. B side won't play after 3 seconds, tried 3 times.