Monday, December 04, 2017

Crazy Bargain Baby!

So how did your Black Friday shopping go? And since then, have you found any crazy bargains? At the store where my wife works, today is the big sale for the season. Get there now!
Anyway, for your dining and dancing pleasure, here's the great Gene Marshall, accompanied by a loose sounding, first rate band (I especially love the drumming), singing up a swingin' storm, all about a subject just perfect for the shopping season, a "Crazy Bargain Baby". Just one caveat, though - she won't let him pet!
Sing it, Gene!
The flip side is a moldy piece of MOR balladry called "Goldie". Perhaps you'll enjoy this more than I do, and can work up some words of which it is worthy. I cannot.


Stu Shea said...

That's a fun one. Great drumming, as you say, and a good job (as usual) by Gene, despite having to work with unsingable lyrics.


Timmy said...

Bargain Baby is a real grinder. A great tune recorded by an inept & possibly deaf engineer. The flipper ia a dud.