Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Some Records Just Demand to Be Shared Immediately!

First, I want to thank stalwart reader and frequent offer of comments Sammy Reed, who made sure to alert me to a sale for a well known song-poem earlier today. I actually saw it before I saw his note, and gobbled it up, but I am much appreciative. Speaking of Sammy, he has moved his "Music from the World of the Strange and Bizarre" to a new address. I have changed the link (to the right and down a bit). There's not much there yet, but I'm sure it will be rockin' and rollin' soon. 

And now, on with the countdown. 

And speaking thereof, WE HAVE A WINNER!!! 

This is my favorite new-to-me record that I've heard in I-Don't-Know-How-Long - at least six months, maybe more than nine. 

And I'm not surprised at all. When I saw Johnny Williams' name on the auction for this record, I knew I had to go all out to get it, as the only other Johnny Williams song-poem I've ever heard is one of my favorites of all time, "Somebody Fiddle, I'm Burning" / "Darling, I'm So Blue", which you can hear here

Today's record is equally ridiculous, in an entirely different way, but it has the added feature of having some truly wonderful lyrics, a truly lovely, if offbeat, set of words celebrating being the parent of a young child - 3 years old, from what is said in those lyrics. 

The child is nicknamed "Chinkerincky" by the parent, and that is the name of the song. The setting, as you'll hear, is quite idiosyncratic, and pretty out-there for a 1960 song poem (that's the year the lyric was copyrighted). I have to wonder if the song-poet approved of the percussion heavy arrangement, but it sure works for me. And the lyrics are nothing short of adorable. They make me very nostalgic for the days when my girls were that age. This is a wonderful record. 


On the flip side, we have the evidence that was quite clear from Johnny Williams' three upbeat songs - he wasn't really much of a singer. While his enthusiasm got him through the three songs I've mentioned so far, "That Hula-Hula", required style and finesse, neither of which appear to have been in his wheelhouse. 

It's not much of a song, either, and by the end of the record, the guitars are noticeably - ridiculously - out of tune with each other. Ah, well, rare indeed is the song-poem record containing two winners. 



Timmy said...

I am in complete agreement with you on BOTH these sides, Bob. S'Marvelous! And, I am a connoisseur of Hawaiian Music, but there is something direly, painfully wrong with this Hula number. It's GREAT! Makes me wanna barf up pineapples & palm fronds...

Stu Shea said...

Well, "Chickerincky" is wonderful. I like the idea of taking a 1:00 song and making it nearly 2:00 through those percussion breaks. What a nice set of lyrics, especially about how much he loves it when his daughter pokes him in the eye with a spoon. Thank you!!