Friday, March 09, 2018

A Jimmy Drake Rarity On a Tiny Label

Okay, so I'm not going to claim any greatness for today's record, but it is historically important for those of us in song-poem fandom (and I'm definitely in that number) who are fascinated by the story of Singing Jimmy Drake, AKA Nervous Norvus.

And here we have a Jimmy Drake record which is mentioned on the AS/PMA website, but which has not been previously heard by the song-poem faithful. As explained at that site, this record was referenced in an ad, hence its inclusion on (and the very existence of) the Claudra Records page. That it is a song-poem record (since Drake made non-song-poem records as well) was only confirmed by the presence of Roger Smith on the flip side.

So here's the record, "Gambling Fury", in all it's low-fi glory. This record is beat to hell. It sounds like maybe it skips right into the start of the record, but I've tried playing it on a couple of turntables, and manipulating the needle, etc. It seems like it really does start the way that you'll hear it here. There is a skip a few moments later, which I have tried to correct, without success. If I succeed later, I will update the file.

Download: Singing Jimmy Drake - Gambling Fury

As mentioned, the flip side features Roger Smith. And, for the very first time, I am underwhelmed by a Roger Smith performance. The song, "Golden Yellow Moon" (which seems a redundant phrase to me, by the way) doesn't help. It's pretty uninspired ("Every year has June, that's just for a while" - really?), and the midtempo, vaguely western setting is equally bland - the sax solo seems totally out of place, too. I much prefer my Roger Smith singing in an unhinged fashion, over careening music.

Download: Roger Smith - Golden Yellow Moon


Stu Shea said...

Is it weird to say that at times Jimmy sounds like Pete Seeger? I like how this ends just like "Transfusion"!

The only thing I like bout the Roger Smith record is hearing him talking about spooning.

Thanks for posting!

Sammy Reed said...

Sometimes when I click comments, I get a spam ad or another claiming I have computer trouble I know I don't have. (You probably know the kind). I'm sure not gonna click on it, and I can't get out of it.

Sammy Reed said...

I have to close Internet Explorer so I won't have the ad.

Bill S. said...

Many thanks for this. Considering Jimmy Drake's workaholic nature, there are surely other as-yet-undiscovered gems that he knocked out for a few dollars. I enjoy everything I've heard of his (although this would not be the one to play when trying to impress someone about his great talent!).