Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vicki Doesn't Need a Makeover

A few frantic weeks and I ended up missing my posting for last week entirely, without even realizing it. Well, I'll try to get back on schedule early next week!

For the second week in a row, here's a previously unknown singer (sic), in this case on a teeny tiny label - the only record I've ever seen on this particular label, Hit Records International.

The singer is only identified as "Vicki", and perhaps that's in order to save her some embarrassment, as she clearly had no business being in a recording studio - I'm reminded of the beautiful but tone-deaf singer who Keith Partridge went crazy over in an episode of The Partridge Family - as long as he was looking at her, he couldn't hear her awful singing, which sounded very much like this anonymous "Vicki". The song, "You Can't Make Me Over", is not likely to make anyone forget Dionne Warwick's much more forcefully worded "Don't Make Me Over".

Download: Vicki - You Can't Make Me Over

Now that you've seen the title of the flip side, "The One I Love", I hate to burst your bubbles, but this is not an early version of the R.E.M. hit, although I'd love to hear "Vicki" take a crack at that one. No, this one is a bland love ballad with completely predictable lyrics and another interesting vocal interpretation.

Download: Vicki - The One I Love


Mellow said...

Can you identify what's stamped or etched into the dead wax?

Kenny said...

I love a good hidden piano solo!

Stu Shea said...

"Vicki" is much better on the (goddamn) uptempo records (man...). My vote for someone on this record who doesn't belong in the recording studio is the producer.

Bob Purse said...

Hi Mellow,

The only thing in the dead wax is the label numbers - VS 101A and VS 101B


Timmy said...

I'm a bit at a loss for words. The first side here is definitely the winner of the two. Let's see, What else can I say? I do know one thing, and that surely is that it's a good thing this web-site is here.
Vicki for Singer Of the House!