Thursday, July 16, 2015

Read All About It

Okay, I'm trying something new here, which may be the solution to the increased number of posts I'm going to be making, here and elsewhere, after the WFMU blog shuts down in two weeks. If this works, it will be the format going forward.
And before I explain, a big THANK YOU for all the suggestions you made, via comment and e-mail. I really appreciate it.
I'm using a paid site called "Opendrive", and hoping that the low rate I'm paying will be enough to sustain whatever downloads my site(s) experience. I believe that by clicking on the names of the songs you will have a choice to either listen to or download the material. PLEASE let me know if that's not the case, or if you have any other issues. I really want to make this work. 

Today we have what would sound like a rather hateful man, telling us of his plan to kill his wife - she's a two-timer, ya see, although he seems just as upset that she just doesn't care for him, and wrap her world around him, the same way his mother did. I was at the stage of wondering whether the fine folks at Tin Pan Alley needed to have called the police when I noticed that the writer was a woman. With Gay Marriage happily all in the news these days, I suppose it's possible that Ms. Wilson was writing about a domestic partner, way back in the '60's, but I rather doubt it. Let's hope this was just a fantasy for her, a piece of fiction taking a male bastard's point of view, and not a situation where TPA changed the genders in the song because they only had male singers.

Whatever way you slice it, it sure is a peppy little number, belying the fairly horrible tableau described in the lyrics.

Mike Thomas - Tomorrow I May Make the Headlines

For the flip side, we have a number from the "Urrrrrrgggghhh" file, a slow drag, of the sort which really plays up Mike Thomas' limitations as a vocalist (and the TPA band's general limitations). It carries the unfortunately title of "Cleanse My Body", wherein the lyricist sets out "on a voyage through the ocean of my mind", where he sees all manner of things, including "women, men and lovers" (there's a turn of phrase), but mostly, ecological problems, such as littered Coke cans (again, we are in his mind). On the other hand, it's always good to work the word "paraphernalia" into a lyric.

Mike Thomas - Cleanse My Body


Timmy said...

The new player: Yes, it works, all around. However, whenupon (word?-should be) left-clicking the desired song, a new little window appears, to choose "play or save", and save is chosen, the download time for that function seems to vary, could be my PC, could be traffic issues, could be somethin' else. It varies from a few seconds to a full minute. Now, when I right click a desired song, & choose save, it is very fast, as it should be.
The Two Songs Posted Here: Both firecrackers of the highest order. I find that I prefer the second cleansing song the better of the two, but both are so different from each other, it's actually difficult to compare them.
Onward & upward into Obscurity!

cm said...

Bob, I use a MAC, & the new site worked just fine! I left-clicked & the song began to d/l immediately. Seems to be a winner, at least for me.

That 1st song is a bit scary! I'll bet the police kept an eye on the writer. At least I hope they did.

Thanks for all of your hard work! I love your blogs!

Charles Edward Rogers said...

I was only able to download, not listen (which I prefer). I have a Mac laptop and even when I right-click (or ctrl-click) and select "open in new tab," it just opens a new tab, but then just downloads. My two cents...

Darryl Bullock said...

Hi Bob,

Tracks downloaded immediately, as soon as I clicked on them. Using a desktop Mac and Google Chrome. I'll check out your new host for my own blog, as Divshare is still not working and are now ignoring any requests for help or information, and the Box is just too expensive.



Darryl Bullock said...

If you're not getting on with Opendrive, you could try I'm giving it a bash on my latest post if you want to see how/if it works: