Thursday, January 07, 2010

What Dance Did You Dance on New Year's Eve?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Here's a nice dance record that I wished I'd thought to share before your New Year's Eve parties, because I'm sure it would have gotten everyone out there dancing the "Chicken Neck Boogie". Today's song poet went way out of his or her way to find rhyme's with "Cookie", even though the reason that word was chosen appears to be because it rhymes with "Boogie", which it clearly doesn't (rhyme, that is). Ellen Wayne's cool, smooth performance is really too good for this material:

The flip side, "Too Too Late", also by Ellen Wayne, is beat to hell, and I've tried to clean up the sound as best as I could. This is a pretty standard late '50's ballad, without too much to recommend it either way, aside from one truly sloppy note on the solo. I do wish that the composer, one Mr. or Ms. "Neckers" had been the composer of "Chicken Neck Boogie" though, but that's probably too much to have asked for.


Sammy Reed said...

The links to both of these songs aren't working.
Gosh, I hope you don't mind my nagging, but I am trying to help your site.

Sammy Reed said...

For of all, thank you VERY MUCH for getting these fixed!
I'm sorry if this was too much of a bother. One reason I felt kindof guilty about writing about these broken links is that I know how rough it is to have things pile up like this, and getting them situated. I didn't expect you to get them all fixed up at once, but maybe a little at a time. Once again, THANKS!

Now, to the matter at hand (pops one finger at a time)
When I heard her say "Look at my Cookie", things got into my mind that really reminded me of the effects of "too much internet".
And pal, I'm glad "Neckers" didn't write "Chicken Neck Boogie", because then I'd hate to hear what >ahem< that other person would've written.
Like I said, "too much internet".