Thursday, January 14, 2010

For All You Rodd Fans

While I try to deal with a sudden (and significant) computer problem which cropped up in the last couple of days, here's a nice single from the early days of the Preview label, from none other than Rodd Keith. The A-side is a nice piece of country flavored pop, titled "Tear Drops". I really like the interplay between Rodd and the backing vocalists on the bridge, particularly on the unlikely line "combing my hair".

The flip side, "Lonesome For You", is not nearly as interesting to me, sounding a bit like the bland material that Mitch Miller produced for Guy Mitchell in the early '50's. It does, however, have the benefit of having been written by one Flossie Waltz, who is (or was) the rare person whose name could also be a dance step.

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Sammy Reed said...

I guess I'll do my part and serve as "broken link police" for your site.
Anyway, the link for "Lonesome for You" isn't working.