Thursday, January 21, 2010

These Are Real Pros?

Here's one for the "what the hell" file. "The Real Pros" were, of course, whoever the Cinema Label people got for that particular session. No doubt there were actual pros on this session, but you'd be hard pressed to prove it based on the lifeless performances captured on this 45.

Of course, on the song "Yesterday's Love", they were working with some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard (even including songs written by Mac Davis). Upon hearing this for the first time, I stared at the speakers in disbelief. Yes, today's offering is one of those periodic "car crash" song-poem offerings, at least in my opinion. See what you think. (Apologies for the horrible condition of this record - it came to me that way.)

I actually bought this record because of the promise in the title of the flip side, "This World's Tribute to Elvis Presley" (the use of "This" instead of "The" in that title cracks me up).

Alas, although it, too, is fairly ridiculous, in the end it's just another fairly bad song-poem. Aside from more barely adequate musicianship, it's distiguished only by it's subject matter, which may cause it to be of more interest to some listeners.

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Stu Shea said...

Bleh. Thanks for posting this, if only to present an aural documentary of mildly talented people drowning in corrosive sonic battery acid.