Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eleven Weeks In...

Well, this is the eleventh "Song Poem of the Week" post. By my count, I've offered up 23 song poem records, a fairly good spectrum of the records in my collection. There are some I haven't featured, such as recent song-poems which have appeared on CD's from the companies still in business, and anything from Columbine - those being two categories of song-poem which very rarely hold my interest - but I've represented a bunch of different labels and styles.

What I'd really like now is some feedback. Those of you who have been stopping by regularly or on occasion: is this what you hoped it would be when I started the project? Is there a certain area or areas - labels, styles or artists - you'd like to see more of (or, for that matter, less of). Do you want it to continue? Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know!

In the meantime, here are three records from the Cinema label, performed by the group that was always credited on that label, "The Real Pros". See if you recognize some of the familiar MSR/Preview voices masquerading on the following songs.

First up, from the same EP which brought us "Deep Freeze Mama" (shared here a few weeks ago) and "Teenage Queen", here's "Disneyland":

Next up, the curiously titled "Hurricane Myth":

Finally, "The Legend of Sam"

Looking forward to your comments!


ajm said...

Hey, I absolutely love your site! I'd like to be able to save these mp3s to my hard drive (instead of just to my Realplayer library) -- any advice?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob - Dr D here - I've lost your email address (computer hardware problems)...but wanted to thank you for the CDR!

Sammy Reed said...

The songs aren't working now. I wonder if there are any Bobbi Blakes in these?

Sammy Reed said...

Thanks again, Bob, for getting these fixed!

OK - I'm not really sure who the first singer is. I've heard him on other songs posted here, but I forget the name. The second one has to be Dick Kent, and I think the 3rd one is Milford Perkins.