Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Save These Files

This post formerly gave instructions on using Divshare files as downloads. Divshare has since gone belly-up, and anything posted using Divshare will not be usable, either to listen or download.

I am now using Opendrive, and posting a downloadable link followed by a play-only link. Please let me know if you have any problems with these.

Going forward, I hope to rework all of the previous hundreds of posts with Opendrive links, but this will be time consuming. If there is a particular song you want to hear, which is unavailable, please let me know.


matt said...

Bob, can't get this to work on my Mac using several browsers. Just get to see a bunch of flash code

Anonymous said...

I have a mac, and have been downloading (and even have 1 upload!) from this site for well over a year. I just click on the divshare button, wait a few moments and download the track.

Anonymous said...

Can't get Reputation with guitar Take Two to work. The other tracks are okay, though. Thanks.

Denise said...

Hi Bob,

My Grandmother Alberta Lancaster, wrote Deep Freeze Mama... I was trying to find it. Very cool that you mentioned her unique song. Do you have it where I can have a listen? I remember it was ” well she's a deep freeze mama, and she likes it hot” lol or something like that!! Let me know. Thanks, Denise

Denise said...

Hi Bob, can you send deep freeze mama to me again please? My Grandmother wrote it and I'd love to hear it... Thanks, Denise Pennington

Ted P said...

Hi Bob,

I just saw your listing for "Jingle Down A Hill" on the WFMU blog. Thank you for posting it. I was wondering if you ever heard the David Santo version, which is the one I was familiar with until now. It had the same effect on me as the Fitzgerald version did you. The David Santo version is on YouTube, but, to my knowledge, it has never been issued on CD. It was on Santo's album from 1969 or so. Unbelievable.

PS: For the first year, I thought it was Donovan: someone gave me an off-air tape, but he didn't know the artist...

Bob Purse said...

Hi, Ted,

I hope you see this! Yes, a full 20 years after I first heard the Gaitley and Fitzgerald version, I finally heard the original. I love it as well, although not as much. (although enough to look for a buy a copy of his version on a 45 on ebay.) That could just be familiarity with the version I heard first. The original sure does sound so much like Donovan - have you noticed that the melody he used for the title phrase (which the remake changes) is a direct copy of the melody of "Jennifer Juniper"? That doesn't lower my enjoyment of it, but it is interesting....

Thanks for writing!


Ted Pastuszak said...
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Ted Pastuszak said...

Hi, Bob,

Many thanks for the reply. Glad you enjoyed the Santo's version of "Jingle Down A Hill" too.

I always thought the background on David's track was interesting: the laughter! The sleigh bells! The Donovanesque phrasing ("a-whistling as a-we do..")!

Thank you again for posting the Gaitley and Fitzgerald version. Until yesterday, I thought I was about the only person who remembered the song, and I still can't believe another artist actually covered it!

Bob Purse said...

Hi again,

Yeah, I enjoy the bells, the laughter, and the fact that neither are explained. Very loose and nice. I haven't heard the rest of the LP.

There's actually a third version. I've seen it on ebay a couple of times, but don't recall who it's by - the only times I've seen it listed, it's been for about $50.00.

My best friend and I performed the song, a la Gaitley and Fitzgerald, at a party a few years ago. If you're interested (and you certainly don't have to be), I can send it to you, if you include an e-mail address.

Ted Pastuszak said...

Thank you, Bob -

So what are the chances that I wouldn't be interested in hearing your version!

I'm at tedpastuszak@gmail.com

I bought a cassette dub of Santo's Silver Currents album from some guy who advertised in Goldmine magazine back in the very early '70's. It's a very nice album, but needless to say, none of the tracks rival JDAH. The album was issued on the Phoenix label in '68, and picked up by Sire shortly after. Amazingly, WABC-FM was playing it in NY - that's where a friend heard it and made the initial off-air copy for me.

Thanks again for offering to send me your version!

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