Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm at the bottom point of a really bad cold, which is really affecting my eyes this time around, so that I'm trying to avoid computer time. But I did want to keep the project going, so I've grabbed five - count 'em five - MP3's which I made at a point when I was trying to make copies of all of my song-poem holdings (a project that was very short lived), and am going to upload them without much further comment for all of those of you who are particularly fond of Rodd Keith.

I'm not really part of the Rodd cult - I enjoy his records about on a par with any other song-poem artist or label, loving some and finding others deadly dull, and everything in between - but I know I'm in the minority with that viewpoint.

Here are both sides of a rather drippy film city 45. First, "My Dream":

And the flip, "Sarah":

Next up, an early MSR release, "Rock and Roll is Back Again:

And finally, both sides of a Preview single. First, "You - They All Say You". I particularly enjoy the clunky lyrics of this one:

And the flip, "Cry Upon My Shoulder":

More, soon!


Lee said...

yay! More Rodd!

I for one, love all SPs, boring or otherwise. Thanks for posting these.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic....Can't get enough Rodd.

Anonymous said...

Can't listen to or download "Cry Upon My Shoulder", for some reason... Try again later?

Bob Purse said...

Hi there,

It seems to be working now. Give it another try.


Anonymous said...

That worked. Thanks!

AB said...

The girls on "Let's Rock and Roll Again" sound exactly the same as the ones on "Convertibles and Headbands." Who were they?