Thursday, February 05, 2009

Odd Song-Poem Title Theatre

Just a few words today, due to lack of time to say something more profound (or perhaps just more wordy).

Today, two recent song-poem acquisitions, one that I like a whole bunch, and one that doesn't do much for me musically, but has an great '70's title and lyric. The only thing that ties them is that they both have really great out-of-left-field titles.

Here's a space-age related song-poem by one of my favorites, Gene Marshall. Bounce along with Gene and the gang as he sings "My New Mar-Rai-An Home":

And here is a latter day (1975) incarnation of The Real Pros, singing that all time favorite, "Oh, My Man of Virgo":

Incidentally, a few folks let me know that the link on a recent song-poem post, "Playboy's Paradise" was broken. I have fixed it.


Stuart Shea said...

I assume that's Bobbi Blake singing on "My Man of Virgo"?

Sammy Reed said...

Obviously Bobbi Blake!
Not the usual "DisCountry" sound we're used to hearing on her records from this time.