Saturday, July 01, 2006

They Don't Make 'Em Like This No More!

Today, I'm uploading a bunch of songs to the Bashleo/Gmail site.

First up, a song which serves to remind me that musical releases haven't been much fun for a long time, and that record labels in the '50's and '60's could be expected, on a regular basis, to release something wonderfully insane, and to hold legitimate hopes that at least a few of those releases would be a hit. This (being a hit) wasn't the case for the song I'm describing here - in fact, it may have been a b-side, but it doesn't stop me from wishing that someone, anyone, would start releasing songs and recordings that are this goofy, again.

The song in question is "Dum-Dum" by Joy Layne, from 1957. I found this on eBay last month, in an ad which also contained a sound clip of the record. 45 seconds or so of it, and I was hooked.

The seller tried to make his sale based on the record being idiotic, but that thought never would have occured to me. Instead, I heard this record as a classic novelty record, set to a latin-style beat then common and popular (and again, quite wonderful). Everything about this record works for me. The vocal is appropriately off the wall and just barely in control, the bass voice (is it Thurl?) adds a nice touch, the arrangement is well done - hardly a throwaway for such a weird song, and fairly complicated - and the lyrics are genuinely weird:

The verse begins: "Love me, you yes; Love you, no me; Love maybe y0u me, too..."
The chorus ends: "Is, Am, or Ain't You Is My Darling?"

I think we've all said, thought and/or been asked those things in our lives.

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Kliph Nesteroff said...

Thanks for that whack of Thurl postings over on the WFMU site, Bob. Absolutely amazing. Do you have the Thurl rendition of It's Not Easy Being Green? It's on one of the cheap Sesame Street knock-off records (two sesame street songs and then a bunch of generic nursury rhymes. It's just the classic Ravenscroft voice but at the start of the song he states, "Hi. My name is Thurl. I'm a frog."