Thursday, June 07, 2018

Rod Rogers on Lane Records!

Lane Records - apparently the property o f George E. Clements - appears to have been among the tiniest of tiny labels. The AS/PMA website only confirms two releases, numbers 101 and 102, and it seems unlikely that there were many more releases, if any. 

The other (known) release on the label appears to have featured the work of singers/song-poem factories associated with several labels, but # 102, which I was lucky enough to acquire a few weeks ago, features Rodd Keith, in his guise of Rod Rogers, and his Film City sound, thanks to the Chamberlin. 

On "Such a Love", my choice for the better of the two sides, Rodd chose a frequent favorite of his, a shuffling pop beat, along with some atmospheric flute accompaniments, and the whole concoction bounces along quite nicely - there's a nice, thickly chorded solo, and I'm particularly fond of the flute coda. 


The flip side, "Gone With Your Goodbye", is more in the ponderous MOR style that Rodd often favored for some of the more introspective or longing lyrics that he was given to work with. It's not a favorite style of mine, but it's nearly always impressive to hear what he was able to do with the Chamberlin, and beyond that, perhaps some of you out there find more to enjoy in it than I do. 



Stu Shea said...

Man, that a-side is cool! I mean the lyrics are really lame, but the sound and song and performance are all first-rate. The b is at least interesting to hear, though I agree it's draggy.

Sure would love to know when this came out. What's funny is that on the other Lane 45, "Such a Love" is on the b-side credited to "Rod Barton"! HAHAHAHAHA

Andrew said...

I know this may be near sacrilege, but I'd wager I'm not the only sad sack who would like to hear Rodd's chamberlin efforts without the vocals. An instrumental song-poem. Yep. That would work.