Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sammy is Such a Sandy Singer

It's been quite a while since I offered up a slice of Sammy Marshall - four months, it seems. That's understandable, I guess - while I love some of his records, the majority of them are quite "samey" and in a style that doesn't make "Samey" work. But here he is, early in his career (1962, per the song-poem database website), on the tiny Arco label. I know that label is very difficult to read, but here he is operating under the name "Sandy Singer".

In this case, he's doing one of his patented, peppy, early '60's, twist style numbers, in this case, one called "A Little Bit Early".

Download: Sandy Singer (Sammy Marshall) - A Little Bit Early

The flip side has pretty much the same beat and feel, with the addition of some stereotypical Native American drumbeats and sounds, as well as equally stereotypical lyrics referring to the same population. These aspects are pretty standard issue for the era, while and not so acceptable today. It's a story of a love affair between the singer and an Indian beauty, called "Oklahoma City, Okla".

Download: Sandy Singer (Sammy Marshall) - Oklahoma City, Okla


Stu Shea said...

Thanks for posting this. Billboard and Cashbox both listed this among their new singles in July 1962!

I'm not quite sure that the lyrics for "Oklahoma City, Okla." really would have been okay (get it?) even in 1962.

The a-side rates for me, the b-side not so much.


Timmy said...

Unlike my learned pre - commentor, Mr. Shea, I respectfully disagree with him on both sides... I really dig the duffus lyrics of Oklahoma City. And then again, i feel that this "A" side was a complete wash-out, all because of it's simpleton style & lyrics.