Monday, January 29, 2018

Doggone That Sammy!

So here's a fairly wonderful record that I digitized nearly a year ago, no doubt with plans of using it on this site. But as far as I can tell, for whatever reason, I never did so (I'm sure someone will let me know if I did already post it, but I can't find such a post).

It's a couple of unusually great efforts from the one and only Sammy Marshall, along with the Keynoters, on the rarely seen Star-X label, both tunes focusing on canine subjects.
The better of the two, to my ears, is the peppy, fun and endearing song "The Crazy Dog Dance", which comes complete with barks. Woof, woof, my darling!

Download: Sammy Marshall and the Keynoters - The Crazy Dog Dance

The flip side is no slouch, either, although it's closer to the stereotypical Sammy Marshall twist records of the era. It's got a mouthful of a title, "Who Stole the Bone (From Mother Hubbard's Cupboard)?" But like the first song, it's energetic, fun and creatively silly, AND, it does answer the titular question, too. Enjoy!

Download: Sammy Marshall and the Keynoters - Who Stole the Bone (From Mother Hubbard's Cupboard)?

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Stu Shea said...

I also like the a-side better. So many of Sammy's numbers seem to be a mix of a 50s and a 20s sensibility...

Thanks for posting!