Sunday, June 12, 2016

Decaying Dick

First, here is another in the series of ads that correspondent Pete has generously contributed to this blog, this one from 1948, and again from the "Cinema Song Company". Get out your pen, paper and checkbook!

Today, it's our old friend Dick Kent, appearing on an early release from MSR records, with a lyric decrying the state of "This Decaying World" and showing some realy mastery, by singing lyrics which simply do not scan in any way with the music that they've been attached to (and certainly, some of them might not have scanned with any melodies). Sing, Dick!


I can't work up anything worth saying about the somnambulist flip side, "My Dear Mary, besides "ecch".



Stu Shea said...

Gawh, "My Dear Mary" is awful. But if you ever decide to sell "This Decaying World," I hope you'll consider vending it to me. It's great--one of the best of the "I gotta get out of this insane culture" records!


Timmy said...

"Decaying" is simply A Masterpiece.