Monday, May 30, 2016

Freedom Boys

Howdy, everyone, 

As promised, here is yet another vintage song-poem ad, dug up, rescued and sent my way by a reader named Pete. This one is from 1948. THANKS!

 And now for something completely different:

I'm not going to blather on much about this week's feature. Suffice it to say that it is a Vietnam era Tin Pan Alley release, with some truly meaningful thoughts about those who have given their lives for freedom, mixed in with some equally misguided thoughts about the need for our soldiers to have been in Vietnam in the first place, all set to a plodding pace and a rote reading. I'll also throw in that, at nearly four minutes, it's unusually long for a song-poem.

Download: Mike Thomas - Freedom Boys

On the flip side is a tremendously peppy number, titled "Too Young". I think the lyrics here are about wishing to pursue the girl of his dreams at age 17, but not having the will to do what he thinks it takes, although there's enough vagueness here that I realize I may be missing something.

Download: Mike Thomas - Too Young


Stu Shea said...

Boy, the philosophizing on the a-side is pretty stupid...the b-side's fun. What's interesting to me about these TPA records is that they sound as if the are in the rock and roll "idiom" without actually having anything identifiably rock and roll about them.

Thanks for posting!

Sammy Reed said...

These earlier song-poem ads are a breath of fresh air because of how honest they are!
Nothing about having the next big hit, nothing about making big money - or any money at all, just - Send us a poem, and we'll put it to music and make a record of it for you. That's pretty-much it!

Timmy said...

Astoundingly astonishing! A great way to spend an entire evening of listening pleasure. FIVE big stars. *****
Sorta like a cross between Donovan & Allen Ginsberg.

Vietnam War Song Project said...

Another excellent Vietnam song-poem, thanks for uploading. I have a few new ones as well. Justin (Vietnam War Song Project)