Thursday, September 10, 2015

Unusual Reasons to Leave This Town

Sometimes, I feel like saying too much - or much of anything - will ruin and pleasure and surprise of listening to a song-poem which has pleasures too good to spoil. So it is with "Pussycat", by Gene Marshall. Aside from the reference in the name of this post, I'm just going to let you enjoy it as the song unfolds on your computer. I highly doubt that you'll be disappointed.

Download: Gene Marshall - Pussycat

The flip side, "Now I Lay Me Down" seems to be about a soldier in Vietnam wishing he was back home. That's a good topic, and I wish I could drum up some enthusiasm for it, but I find the product that the folks at Preview came up with deadly dull. You?

Download: Gene Marshall - Now I Lay Me Down


Timmy said...

There seems to be a hair on the scan of the A-side here, undoubtedly a loose hair from THAT A PUSSY --- cat, which was a smilin' eagertistaclly....

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm smiling too!

I'd leave town too, if some cat was grinning at me mysteriously!

Sounds around the same period as "Maury The Christmas Mouse", obviously a Rodd track/keyboard performance! Great/funny solo on the wah-wah'd synth, or whatever it is!

B-side is just as you reported! Can't win 'em all! Hell, it's not just song-poems that had bland b-sides!

Thanks, Bob!!!