Monday, April 13, 2015

Rod Rogers: American

Nearly four years ago, in this post, I offered up both sides of a Film City 45 written by Clarence Boness, both songs featuring patriotic themes. Today, two equally patriotic numbers, from a subsequent Film City release, again featuring Rod Rogers and the Film City Orchestra, although the label in this case also credits "and chorus". If anyone out there can hear the chorus, please let me know, as they don't appear to exist. But then again, neither does the orchestra. Mr. Boness actually co wrote this one with Art-Cain, and Rod declined to take a writing credit, although he did so on the flip side. This is a bouncy, marching song, complete with faux glockenspiel solo!

Download: Rod Rogers and the Film City Orchestra and Chorus: I Am An American

On the flip side is Mr. Boness' offering up in that most stereotypical subjects of song-poems, and indeed, in the world of popular song for the last 50 years, the NORAD system. While this can't compete with such classics as "Crystal Blue NORAD", "The Ballad of John and NORAD",  "NORAD Got to Be Free" or "I Think I Love NORAD", it's surely still in the top ten NORAD hits of the '60's and '70's. And I think that maybe last note is among the highest I've ever heard Rod Rogers/Rodd Keith sing.

Download: Rod Rogers and the Film City Orchestra and Chorus: NORAD


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! "ballad of John and Norad"! Crytal Blue Norad! Oh my gosh, that made me laugh out loud, Bob!!!!

I love Rodd, but no matter how great these records are, they can't be better than that! "Norad Got To Be Free"! HA! Oh man, my body is hitching up and down, laughing at that one, man, thanks for the laugh!!! (and now for the music...!)

Sammy Reed said...

Glad you got the streaming back! As much as I'd like them all to be back, I do have patience. Just do what you can, when you can. Keep up the GREAT work!

Timmy said...

I am VERY inspired this fine day, especially watching the news featuring a Gyro-Copter that has easily landed on The White House Lawn. These two patriotic songs help whilst I turned down the volume of the television set & crank up the Rods...
I am a robot

BobB said...
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BobB said...

AndaOneAndaTwoandaThree ... Wow, what a piss-poor record. Mr. Rogers-Keith was apparently the polka king of Film City Records. The Wonderful And The Worst site obviously seeks out the worst records ever unleashed on the public, then pumps them up for controversy sake. BTW, the chorus is quite noticeable on I Am Un American. And, Bob, you picked the perfect week to highlight Norad (as a "song poem" no less). My God this is horrible stuff.

Bob Purse said...

Hi, BobB,

Just wondering if you enjoy any of the music here, or just find it generally awful.

No animosity felt or implied, but your only messages have been to express your dismay at the quality of the records, so I'm curious as to if you like anything I post, and if not, what the appeal here is.

Please let me know!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, BobB is typical internet 2015 for ya. Remember when the internet was cool? You're too nice to this clod, Purse! This guy/girl actually frequents a blog that he doesn't even like, he actually spends time here.....when there's all this other stuff on the internet! All one can say is.......what a fool.

Um, no BobB, it has nothing to do with pumping them up for controversy sake. How did he "pump up" this record? Go reread Bob's does he pump up this record?

See BobB, you're listening to these records without a brain, you're supposed to use your brain, put yourself in Rodd's place (or whoever the musician is)'ve got limited studio time, you've got these lousy lyrics.....what might you come up with? If you're a song-poem fan, you want the good, the bad and the ugly. As a musician (a real one, not one who fiddles around in his basement on the weekend), I get off on hearing the process, you're not supposed to listen to these records like you'd listen to others. I know, it's over your head.

By the way, neither of those songs fit the definition of polka, they both have marching beats, which fits the theme of the lyrics. So....even more why we can flush you down the toilet! You don't even know what a polka is!

Bob Purse, I have never heard that glockenspiel patch on the Chamberlin before, that was cool, also the use of the tuba preset as a bassline for "Norad". The best part for me was the instrumental break of "Norad", it leaves the generic song and goes through some typically cool chord changes.

However, you must hear the Rodd song "Let The Stars Unfurl Their Glory", something like that, it's not listed on ASPMA, but it's an MSR record, and at the end of that, he hits a spectacular, operatic high note and holds's in the Rodd Keith MSR folder on the flash drive I sent you.....go check it out, that's a great one, just for that last moment! You hear him take a big breath and just go for it, it's a beautiful moment.

BobB said...

Bob: You're a gentleman as always. I listen to all types of music and, yes, I guess I haven't found a lot that I like on this site - but I'll keep trying. And I won't let that twerp "Anonymous" bother me one bit. What a nitwit! Anyway, I hope you aren't dismayed that some folks don't share your love for "song poems" (whatever that is!). Much of it features singers who flat-out can't sing and musicians who are -- at best -- weak session players for tiny labels like Film City. Sorry, we'll just have to agree to disagree, sir.

Bob Purse said...


I don't mind disagreeing, I was just trying to figure out what brings you here, if this isn't your thing.

"Anonymous", by the way, is a good friend of mine, who has his reasons for not offering up his name in posts. He and I have shared dozens, if not hundreds of song-poems between ourselves, and have also talked (and shared) at length about the Beatles, especially bootlegs, another passion he and I share.

He has his way of responding to what you've written, and I have mine. I do respond to most of those who regularly write comments here, but normally do so with e-mails, as I don't particularly like going back and forth with comments, but I don't know your e-mail, which is fine.

I will dispute your notion that the players on many of these tracks were hacks. In many cases, they were highly respected session players and singers, working off the clock for cash.

Del Casher appears on dozens of song poems and he was a member of the Three Suns! Gene Marshall appeared on dozens of albums in the 60's and '70's, as well as many soundtracks, including some for Disney. And Rodd Keith is almost universally described as a keyboard wizard, the likes of which most people who knew him have never seen since. These are just a few

You don't like the "wind up toy" sound of the Chamberlin, and I'm guessing that no one could have made it create backing tracks you'd like. I love it's Nickelodeon, player piano/orchestra sound. I certainly don't fault anyone for not "getting" what gets me about these records - I just don't know what you're looking for in coming to a site that features stuff you find terrible!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,I like it!! cheers Martin

Michael Goldsman said...

Wow - the NORAD track is awesome - we're even treated to a key-change. Crazy good Chamberlin solo.