Wednesday, April 30, 2014

She's a Big Mama

Here's a nice example of MSR's earliest days, when their material resembled much of what Preview was doing, rather than the horrid pressing quality and disco stylings they moved into some time later. Bobbi Blake (identified here as Bobbi Boyle) has a song, "Big Mama" that's right in her wheelhouse, and she does a great job with it.

The song starts with a nice a cappella trio before settling into a swinging groove, with a bopping bass and supportive synth strings. The lyrics give self-praise to the writer - a "big, big mama" - and what she needs in a man. The whole thing wraps up in 105 fun seconds.

Download: Bobbi Boyle - Big Mama

Over on the flip side, we get another label stalwart, Dick Kent, singing a lullaby, "Sleepy Head". I don't hear anything special here, musically, but the lyrics are appropriately sweet, and Dick Kent does a first-rate job with the vocal.

Download: Dick Kent - Sleepy Head

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