Friday, February 28, 2014


Before getting to this week's post, I wanted to make sure to let everyone know of another oddball song-poem posted by a fellow blogger, and pointed out to me by frequent commentor KL (Many Thanks!). It's a Bobbi Blake special titled "My First Day in Court". Find it here. And now, on with the countdown!:

We haven't heard from Sammy Marshall lately, so I thought I'd remedy. Here's a slight, but enjoyable teener from the Jabar label of Ohio, via the Globe song-poem factory, titled "Kitten". The drum intro and initial guitar part seem (to me) to suggest something of a soul arrangement, which would be an interesting setting for Sammy, but then the sax comes in, and the record settles into a fairly typical early Globe groove. The words are cute, though, and right in Sammy's wheelhouse.

On the flip side, we again have Sammy Marshall, in another one of his typical settings, in this case, the country weeper. "One-Sided Love" doesn't do much, but I do get a kick of the fact that the bass player doesn't seem to have learned the chords, as he goes to sour notes at least four times over the course of the tracks, twice in the same spot each time the chorus comes around.

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Anonymous said...

Man, both intros are fantastic, especially that first one! If I was some young upstart, I'd sample 'em!

Thanks, Bob!!