Thursday, February 13, 2014

If Cupid Went On Strike

Today's post is a continuation of last week's celebration of St. Valentine's Day, which of course is tomorrow. And here to look at the holiday from an unusual, rarely considered angle, is Rodd Keith, in his Film City/Rod Rogers days. Showing up on yellow vinyl, as seen above and below, "If Cupid Went on Strike" is a midtempo number, with some interesting Chamberlin voicing choices and lyrics which use the word "bitsy" four or five times, which is four or five times too much. Hopefully, the cruddy condition of this record doesn't impact your enjoyment:

The flip side "Can't You Spare Another Kiss", features another nice Chamberlin track (with a brief "clarinet" duet, at one point), and lyrics which also fit nicely into the Valentine's Day. One mildly interesting thing about this record is that while "Cupid" is credited to Rod Rogers and the Swinging Strings, "Another Kiss" is credited to "Rod Rogers with the Swinging Strings". Maybe "odd" is a better word for that observation than "interesting"...


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing these gems with the world.

KL from NYC said...

Wanted to let you know that Howdy has "Bobbi Boyle - My First Day In Court [MSR 115-1]" -- don't know if you have that one.
I always try to let you know when I come across one. It might be one you're looking for.

KL from NYC said...

There's a YouTube video of a Film City 45 (yellow vinyl) of "Truth Davidson" singing two well-known standards (not song poems):
"If I Loved You / I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)"
Did they do vanity records?