Thursday, September 06, 2012

Space Age Babes I Have Known

Some days, it must have been downright fun to be working at a song-poem company. Imagine Gene Merlino (AKA Marshall) picking up the music for today's offering, and seeing the title, "Minnie the Space Age Babe". Listening to the arrangement and performance, it's clear to me that this was a title that inspired the creative people behind the scenes to do something worthy of that title. The composition and arrangement here fairly scream out "Rodd Keith" to me, and everyone involved sounds happy to be there.

I can say exactly none of the same things I just wrote about "Minnie" with regard to the flip side, "What is a Man?", one of those painfully earnest, ridiculously ponderous lyrics, and one which got the setting and performance that those lyrics required. The results are, in my opinion, just deadly.


Stu Shea said...

Side A cute. Side B deadly.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I was listening to this today......"Minnie" is a classic! You hit the nail on the head, "everybody seems to be happy here", and it definitely screams "Rodd".

And even moreso the flip side, yuk!

I know it's two years after the fact, but thank you, sir, for "Minnie"!!!