Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Lutone Record... Maybe the Only Lutone Record

Like several of the larger song-poem companies, Film City would allow its products to be "released" on vanity labels, most of which tended to be tied to the individual song-poets whose materials would show up on those labels. Here we have one of the tiniest - Lutone Records, named for the writer of the songs, Luton Stinson, who interestingly, is listed as writing both the words and music of both songs, the latter being a real rarity in this world, where the tunes and arrangements were the responsibility of the song-poem companies' staff members. 

It would appear that this may be the only record to come out on the Lutone label. It's the only one listed at AS/PMA, and I can't find any reference to any record on this label, aside from this one. I'd certainly correct myself, though, if anyone knows otherwise.

Assuming that Luton Stinson did write the words and music here, he (or she - I'm not actually familiar with this name) did a decent job on the song on the b-side, "I've Been Missing Someone", and then turned it over to the right company, who gave it to the right man, Rodd Keith (aka Rod Rogers), and his one man band work on the Chamberlin.

This is a nice, slinky little number, with a sinewy tune, sung with an appropriately atmospheric tone. Rodd could easily be singing this number at a nightclub - this song would certainly pull me in, in such a setting. And the Chamberlin work here doesn't draw attention to itself here - sometimes, that's the fun in Rodd's film city records, but on a nice song like this, its better that the backing just does it's job without becoming odd or goofy.

Sorry about the beat-to-hell sound of parts ot his record. I thought it was nice enough to share despite its condition.

The flip side, "I Had a Dream", features Rodd at his most lugubrious and unctuous - not quite to Robert Goulet levels, but certainly on that spectrum. It's not a side of him (or anyone) that I enjoy much, except from an ironic standpoint, but your mileage my vary.


Sammy Reed said...

Is this where SCTV got the "Lutonians" from?

Bob The Scared Data Miner said...

another Lutone release produced by Bob Quimby here :

Darryl Bullock said...

matiAnd there's a further Lutone release (I own a copy) LU 1314: Frank Perry with the “Swinging Strings” – You’ll See me in September (Luton Stinson)/Papier Mache (Anne Moyer-Luton Stinson)

Roaratorio said...

I've got another Rodd / Lutone 45 -- #9877, "Sugar Fluff Doll."

Anonymous said...

Once again, it's two years after the fact, but I just listened to this single today! Once again you hit the nail on the head: "I Had A Dream" is interminable, but the other side is terrific!

I noticed this is one of those where the songwriter is credited with words and music. That would explain much!

Thanks again, albeit belated!!

soulfanatic6464 said...

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