Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great Films, Great Tones!

As I write this, the annual Oscar telecast is in full swing. Assuming you read this post later, did you enjoy the show? Did you like the way they paid tribute to the world of Film? Did you think the show set the right Tone?

Well, in the spirit of Film tributes and Tone setting, today I'm offering up a fairly wretched EP from our friends at the Film-Tone. Every Film-Tone EP I've found (and EP's seem to be the only thing they released), featuring a male/female trio singing with simple backing, often with the only credit being to arranger Vincent Poli, and this one is, of course, no exception.

Sorry about the horrid quality of this record. I don't know if it was loved to death (which seems unlikely) or neglected to death, but it's sure scratched up.

There's really not a lot of difference between the tracks here (in fact, three of the titles contain the same two word phrase, "My Heart"), although I'm a bit partial to track two, if only for its title. Rather than offer up a lot of pithy comments, I'll just rack 'em up, and count 'em down. Here's track one, "I Don't Want to Fall Out of Love With You".

Next, the wonderfully named "I've Got a Hot Spot in My Heart for You":

Side two kicks off with "The Blues Have Had My Heart":

And we finish up with "The Song That Reached My Heart":


Stu Shea said...

I like how three of the four songs are written by people named "Smith," and that "Anna Smith" and "Mrs. Anna Smith" are both credited. Could Anna Smith be a man, and "Mrs. Anna Smith" be his wife? Oh, the possibilities.

Maybe it's a wi-fi hot spot.

Anonymous said...

And I've got YOU in my heart, Bob! Thanks for posting these!