Monday, January 23, 2012

Norm Burns: Soul Stomper!

Here's one from the "What the Hell Was That, Man?" file. As much as I love Norm Burns - and I really do - one phrase which would never fit him is "Soul Stomping". Yet here we have Norm singing a song by that title. But.... aside from that title, which is sung about 600 times, I'm damned if I know what on Earth he's singing about. There are two extremely short verses here, and a whole lot of repetitive chorusing, but the combination of the beat-to-hell record and the fact that Norm sang too far away from the mike, keeps me from discerning more of the lyrics. I hear:

I see Miss Blackwell with her nice set of tools
working out like a dizzy fool
I am only of a ?????
and in my right hand is my liquid snack pack


The other verse is really only two lines long, before it returns to repeating the title, and appears to involve Norm interacting with a streetwalker, but I'm not even sure I'm hearing that right.

All in all, a fabulous - and fabulously weird - find:

The flip side, "Brown Eyes", is yet another entry in the "my loved one has passed away" genre of song poems:


Stu Shea said...

I think that 'snack pack' lyric is right! How bizarre, how bizarre.

styluscarnivorous said...

I think that 3rd line is "I am only of a cipher stalking back". Doesn't make much sense, but nothing else in this song does, either...

Sammy Reed said...

Although this kind of thing wasn't around yet for a generation or two, I could swear part of it sounds like "cyber-stalking" - which come to think of it, he probably was!!

Timmy said...

Soul Stomping is now officially the greatest 45 of all time.