Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ultra Creepy

Today's record is another winner by The Real Pros, that catchall name that was used to capture whoever happened to be recording for Cinema records that day.

And okay, it's true that I have an idea of what the songwriter here was going for - probably some sort of young-adult sexy joke on the concept of "baby sitting", directed at a similarly aged comely young woman.

On my hearing, though, that's not how it comes off. Not at all, particularly when the lyric makes sure to mention getting the mother of the object of his affection out of the house so that he can baby sit. Add Dick Kent, singing at his absolutely most unctuous (which is saying something - he's second only to Ralph Lowe in that dubious quality), and the result is truly icky.

Perhaps you'll disagree. Have a listen!:

The flip side, "Great Riches", has very little to distinguish itself, at least to me. I admit (as I have in the past) to being much less of an expert on the female singers of the LA song-poem world than I am on many other aspects of the song-poem field, but I think this is Bobbi Blake - I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong.


Sammy Reed said...

"Get your mom a date"? How was he gonna manage that?!?

And yes, BobbiMania is runnin' wild again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gods above, don't let R. Kelly record that song.