Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Old Dad!

This is just perfect for tomorrow's celebration of Father's Day....

When I first heard today's featured song, I could hardly believe my ears! It's so obnoxious in its plagarism, yet a few moments later, so laugh out loud funny in its originality. And all that is wrapped up in what is clearly a Rodd Keith production, and a wonderful one at that.

First, my mouth dropped open at the brazen theft apparent in the opening lines of the song (if you're not familiar with it, there's another song with the exact same lyric, except that the genders are reversed). Then, I laughed out loud at a line that Rodd himself sings - I wonder if he added it himself, or if it was part of the original song-poet's submission. (This line comes just after a weird dip in the volume level, which is part of the record.)

But my next thought was that this song would be perfect for Father's Day, given that it is a plea for a guy who could live up to the singer's father's standard. (I'll overlook the fact that the singer is obliged to make a sort of ucky reference to her father's lovemaking prowess, which just seems wrong to me.)

I'll have to assume that "I Want a Guy" by the Marionettes was never discovered during the period when CD compilations were being pulled together, because it seems like a natural fit for any of them.

The flip side, "Tell Me, Baby", is a Rodd Keith mover and groover, with a backing track which should be well familiar to any dedicated Rodd fan. In fact, this may prove the more popular of the two songs, but the weirdness of its flip side led me to lead off with that one:

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Sammy Reed said...

"Tell Me Baby" used the soundtrack to "City's Hospital Patients"!