Saturday, April 23, 2011

Old Time Religion

Today, as we reach the culmination of Holy Week, a couple of religiously themed song-poem records, the first from Preview Records, the second from Sterling Records. First up, here's the great Gene Marshall, preaching about how his life has changed in "I Wanna Live For Jesus":

On the flip side, we hear about how all of humanity is "Starved For Love", and Gene again offers up his solution (or at least that of the song-poet):

Heading from Los Angeles to Boston, we'll now check with Norman Burns, with Lew Tobin's orchestra, on the following record:

First up, a song which nicely touches on some elements of both the Old and New Testaments, focusing on areas from each, which feature "Waters, Waters, Waters":

Finally, more than a little out of season, but included for completeness sake, here's the Christmas-themed flip side, "Sweeter Than Bells":


Marlee said...

I like "Sweeter than Bells!" Nice work!

Doctor Gaz said...

let's face it, this is a bunch of crap - interesting to read the background stories though..