Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Song Poets' War

The high point for the song-poem industry overlapped in part with the years of the Vietnam war. And as a result, there are an abundance of song-poems which touch on various aspects of that conflict.

The last time we visited here with Rodd Keith, he was mulling over the fate of the child of a Vietnam warrier. Today, that same conflict is on his mind again, as he considers why the young men are dying, causing the young girls to cry in this touching offering, "Teardrops and Water":

The B-side to today's offering, "I Wonder Who's Holding Her", is notable for the fact that the specific phrasing of the title never appears in the text of the song. Additionally, it's another one of those records where Rodd tries on country stylings, to less than impressive results:

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Stu Shea said...

I could see "Teardrops and Water" becoming a real favorite despite its goofy title. It's beautifully sung and the ending is absolute 100% genius. Thanks for posting this.