Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bananas I Have Known

I have a whole pile of singles ready to digitize sitting here, generally stacked in the order in which I plan to share them in this venue. But every now and then, I acquire a new record which immediately goes to the top of the pile - everything else can wait.

I've never felt the need to delay the other records more than I did when I heard today's offering, a Gene Marshall number on the Preview label, which I obtained earlier this month. The title, "Know Your Banana", was great enough, but I have to say I haven't ever heard a Preview record that sounds remotely like this one, or a Gene Marshall vocal similar to this one, either. And the songwriter even submitted his name backwards, as it is listed as Notlim Nohamcm.

It sounds like everyone involved was having a great deal of fun, and if song-poem compilations were still being produced, I'm sure this would be a prime contender. I think that's all I'll say - it's best that the listener experience this one for him or herself.

The flip side is a pretty typical Gene Marshall song and performance, with a lyric that seems intended as a tribute, but to me, seems to portray the "Marlo" of the title as an insufferable tease:


Anonymous said...

Wait... WHAT?

myeck said...

Man, I've always known my banana. That is a song without a purpose.

KL from NYC said...

Both are catchy tunes with nice arrangements.
As for the banana one: I often wonder what's in the heads of these song poets when they send in poems like that, but it's probably better not to know.

Darryl W Bullock said...

Wonderfully awful. Interesting that both songs are published by Rivian rather than the usual Arthur Music: I've got a few 3000 series Preview 45s and they're all credited the same. I wonder if the name change coincided with the death, in 1973, of Arthur Freed, whose brother Clarence owned Preview and who the publishing arm of the company was named after?

Stu Shea said...

"Marlo" sounds like music from an ABC Afterschool Special, while "Know Your Banana"...I don't know. Maybe someone thought it up after watching The Gong Show. GONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG