Monday, June 07, 2010

JFK, The Fitness President

Today's offering appears to have been inspired both by John F. Kennedy's promotion of Physical Fitness, and by his tragic death. Song-poet David Fitzgerald supplied the lyrics to both sides of the single, which are dutifully handled by song-poem hero Sammy Marshall. My favorite part of the A-side, "The Ballad of John F. Kennedy", is the part where I believe (it's sort of a muddy recording) the words refer to JFK as "Our Modern Moses"!

The B-side, appropriately more peppy than the maudlin A-side, is "Physical Fitness". I'm happy to hear that even if, during Mr. Fitzgerald's daily five o'clock exersize, his bone "cracks", he won't turn back. Now that's dedication!

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JoyceW said...

How funny. I'm looking at the 1964 bubbling under charts and there's a couple or so JFK tributes on there. Sadly, not a one could I locate to listen to. This is probably testimony to how sniffly these things could be.