Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Voice of Love Making

I thought it was high time for a little Halmark records fun, and who better to bring that fun to us then.... well his name's not on the record. But he's here to encourage the little woman into a bit of... not "lovemaking" but "Love Making Time". And with that golden voice doing the encouragement, who would have - could have - refused? Men, try this one out on Valentine's day next weekend, and thank me later!

From the same songwriter comes the echo-laden b-side, "Let Us Dream Again". Keep in mind that, like most, or perhaps all, of the known Halmark label records, this little slice of pre-rock and roll style music was recorded some time in the mid 1970's, most likely 1976, in the case of this specific disk. Imagine this one getting onto the airwaves back then, right between "Play That Funky Music" and "Muskrat Love". Sure, it would outshine those other two records in quality (it'd be hard not to do that), but can you imagine anything that would have fit in less well with the music of the day?


Joyce W said... dreamy. I'm writing Winton Hunter at RR 1, Heltonville, IN 47436 right now to express my appreciation!

Darryl W Bullock said...

Another Halmark classic. No wonder this is my favourite of all the song poem companies. Love Making Time is, of course, by the wonderfully dreadful Bob Storm. I'm pretty sure that the vocalist on the b-side is Mary Kimmell.