Wednesday, February 24, 2010

By Special Request

A bit of cross-pollination today....

I recently received this photograph of Merigail Moreland at about age 17, from a person who had known her during High School. He requested that I post her version of "Unchained Melody" to this site. It's been featured here before, when I used to have the actual music at a separate download site, but never with the actual track within the post. And any reason to share Merigail's music is good enough for me. Here is her amazing 1960 45 of "Unchained Melody"

And "Oo-Lee, Oo-Lee, Papa, Oo-Lee":

I've also used the opportunity afford by having been sent this photo, to post later recordings of Merigail (previously featured here) to WFMU, which I meant to do ages ago. That post can be found here, and it gives further links to other posts and information about her.


LoreNZo (from NZ) said...

Wow! I love 'Oo-Lee, Oo-Lee, Papa, Oo-Lee' - and not with a smug smirk on my face, neither! What a splendid voice Meredith has (had?) - though I must confess I do wonder how monkeys would feel to know that they were "made to live in a zoo" - lol. Still, a really cute slice of pop heaven - thanx heaps for sharing this!

Indian Matts said...

thank you

Indian Matts said...

This is my Birthday present
Finding youre blogg, its awsome