Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Pair of Noval-Tees

I have very little time this week - in any year, during the third week of May, for several reasons, one of which I'll post about over the weekend. So I am slapping up both sides of a single on the Noval label, MP3's which I made some time ago. I don't know where the 45 is just now, but when I find it, I'll scan it and post the scans.

The Noval label may be the most mysterious of all song-poem labels. Their 45's have almost no information - no artist names, just an "arranged by" credit, the name of the song and the songwriter.

The most well known Noval record is "The 23rd Channel", which was on one of the song-poem compilations. Great as that one is, its flip side, "Rock, Rocking All the Time" (which has been around in trading circles for years) is almost infinitely better - one of the handful of greatest song-poems ever, in my opinion.

This Noval record is not likely to be on anyone's short-list of greatness, but as another side of the song-poem world, it's worth offering. I do like the fact that they often involved a vibraphone in their releases.

The first track is "Underneath the Peek-A-Boo Moon":

The flip is "When I Met You":

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Stuart Shea said...

I swear, three times I listened and three times I heard the first line of the b-side as "Your ass, warm as the summer sun." I can't shake that image!

The A-side is terrif. Thanks for posting.