Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things I Did Last Summer

Wow - Two months without a post. Well, I do hope things are about to settle down, but between things getting WAY too hectic at work, and several musical and CD projects I owe to friends and aquaintences coming due at the same time (none of which I've finished, weeks later), I've not been paying attention to much of anything else.

So, although these will be old news for some of the people who read this, but I've uploaded two sound manipulating tracks I worked on, last summer. The first is one of my "cut-up's", the likes of which I used to do, nearly to exhaustion, back in the early '80's, and just recently started doing again. This one started with a friend's suggestion that the English and German versions of "She Loves You" could be merged to create a new, interesting title phrase.

The other is a mash-up featuring, as it's basic track, the original recording of "Yesterday", paired with bits and pieces of 16 other records, 15 of which are from the 1976-80 era, and therefore retitled "Now I Long For the the Late 1970's". See how many of these songs you can "spot"!

Songs are posted, as always, to the gmail site linked above and to the left.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Ha, She Loves "Dich"....can't be inadvertent, that. I think my favorite part is when you put it backwards, haha. And the extra little echo near the outro.

Don't know if you know this but unlike the German version of I Want To Hold Your Hand (where they overdubbed their vocals over the original track), they rerecorded a new version of the She Loves You backing track (in a Paris studio, no less....not even the same room acoustics!) Musing aloud, I wonder if you wouldn't get an even more-seamless mash-up if you did it with "I Want To Hold Your Hand"!

But then.....you wouldn't have "dich" ;)

Ha! The "Yesterday" one is great! Wow! This one is really great! Ha! Of course I'm hearing this song and that song...I heard some Clapton there, "The Core"? Is that Gary Glitter slowed down?

Oh man, I know that drum fill on the fade out, what the hell is that? Arrrgh!

How fun. Also sounds like alot of work!!!