Saturday, October 22, 2005


Well, my mom's in the hospital, hopefully being discharged within days. She seems to be bouncing back like a champion, from a fairly major incident in the life of someone her age, and I'm so thankful for that, I can't even put it into words.

Anyway, I thought I'd post something a bit different than what has been offered up until now, as a way to pay tribute to my mother for the wonderful job she's done, and continues to do, in that role, as well as her amazing gifts and talents as a singer, and as a thank you for the wonderful musical education I was afforded, in childhood.

My mom is a soprano, with a history of singing and performance too long to go into here, but because of the wonders of home recording, available to those who chose to avail themselves of it (such as my parents), beginning in the 1950's, I have a treasure trove of recordings of just about everyone in my family, and particularly of my mother's singing.

The two songs I've uploaded are:

1.) "Depuis Le Jour", possibly the most romantic operatic piece I've ever encountered - it gives me chills just about every time - heard here as recorded in the living room of my family's apartment, in 1954 (you can occaisionally hear the upstairs neighbors moving furniture around upstairs, in apparent dissatisfaction with the racket coming from below).

2.) Proch's "Air and Variations", an unbelievably demanding and beautiful composition which I loved to hear when I was five, and still love today. This recording, which unfortunately both skips a neat, understanded piano intro, and ends as the last note is fading, was recorded in my mother's vocal teacher's studio, in 1965.

Hope this is to your liking. It's about as wonderful as it gets!


accordion-698598 said...
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Michael said...

What a gorgeous, passionate, beautiful voice! I can see very plainly how such a high standard of excellence would be so inspiring to you.

Oh my god, I'm still listening, what a voice, what an amazing voice.

Damn neighbors! Screw them! I's not like she's playing "Smoke On The Water" all night long!!! I remember I lived next to an opera singer, a soprano, and she would sing and when she would finish, we'd fact, you could hear clapping from apartments all around!

She sings with such passion and emotion. And I love hearing her introduce the song, she just sounds like a lovely, inspiring woman.

I'm so happy she pulled through the operation. Please give her our best. Please give her our best because SHE'S the best!

Michael said...

I also want to say....for a recording from 1955 and 1965, the sound quality is very good!

And the second piece, wow! You're right! It IS a demanding piece! How fun!!! I can see why you liked it so much as a child! Oh my gosh! As it goes on, it just gets more and more difficult! She truly is an excellent singer!

Michael said...

Ha! I'm listening to it again! haha.

asenetpro said...
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Michael said...

Long time no post!

I've got only 2 words for you!

Mayhams 78!!!!!! :D