Sunday, January 01, 2012

Leaping Into 2012

To kick of 2012, here's a song-poem from that most peppy of s-p performers, Sammy Marshall, one which is only truly appropriate every four years or so, including the one which just began, 20 hours ago (from where I sit, anyway). It's called (of course) "Leap Year"!

While song-poet R. O. Chandler handling of this subject matter perhaps doesn't match the mastery with which a similar theme was addressed by Gilbert and Sullivan, it's still a more creative lyric than is found in the vast majority of the records one finds in this genre. Sing it, Sammy!:

This record, which is stamped with a date in 1962, appeared on the Hi-Lo label, on which there are only two identified records. I'd have suggested that the label was a vanity project of Mr. or Ms. Chapman, but the other record on Hi-Lo contains songs by a different writer. Presumably there are other "Hi-Lo" records out there, as the label numbers on the two identified records are dozens of digits apart.

R. O. Chandler is back, with another fairly clever lyric, on the flip side, "Save a Little Drop For Me". What's more, Sammy and the band sound enthused by the song, and there's even a sound effect!


Bob The Sponge said...

Happy New Year to you.

This record is in a multi-labels numerical series released by the Globe studio of Nashville :

2249 is on the Exclusive label (Joan Auburn)

2251 is on the Dub label (Sonny Marcell)

I've compiled a listing on these Globe labels and I'll publish it on my blog one of these days...

First (of my list) in the 2000 series is Dial 2210 (Bob Rule). Last is 2365 (Zonk, Markeys).

An earlier series, in the fifties, is in the 1005-1422 range...

More later on my blog hopefully...

Anonymous said...

High production values on "Save A Little Drop For Me"! That's a keeper!

Thanks Bob for all the great records, I'm catching up now! Happy New Year, friend!