Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sing a Happy Song

Here's a low-numbered (ie early phase) Rodd Keith Preview single which I have been enjoying recently. I'm a fan of the b-side, which I'll share first, but others who particularly enjoy Rodd may find at least as much to enjoy in the a-side.

"Why Don't You Sing a Happy Song?" is downright goofy, from the spoken introduction, to the appropriately peppy, poppy setting, and especially with this moment in the lyrics.

"Got a few ragged clothes, but they look mighty neat!"

It's also interesting that the only reasons we're given to encourage our singing of "a happy song" are that things in the singer's life are going well enough for him to be happy.

I don't know if the timing on the label (1:50) was a typo, or was deliberately misrepresented so as to not make the song-poet feel cheated with what was actually a 92 second track.

The flip side, "Goodbye, My Darling", features a nice driving pop sound, an excellent vocal, a catchy tune, and a neat double time bridge. It's the sort of Rodd Keith sounds like it could have been a minor hit around 1966. Unfortunately, my pressing is off center a bit, which becomes particularly apparent during the fadeout.


Stuart Shea said...

"Be happy! I am!"

Sammy Reed said...

These links aren't working now.