Sunday, September 09, 2018

Come Back to Norm

It's Norm Time here at Song-Poem central. I wish it was Norm Time almost as often as it was Rodd Time, but I just don't have as many Norm Burns records. Today's feature is not one of Norm's (or Sterling's) outstanding efforts, but I think it's solid in all areas but one. The band plays a nice pop-rock backing, with what I consider some particularly stellar drumming. Norm projects real feeling and sells the song well. The only thing that keeps this from being an all around winner are some truly cookie-cutter, seventh grade romance level lyrics. There is not a single original or interesting thing said in this words, is there?

Ah, well, you can't have it all. At least not always.

Download: Norm Burns: Come Back, My Darling

The dichotomy between that side and its flip side "Out in the World" is pretty stark, to these ears. Maybe it's just me, but here I find a band which sounds like its going through the motions, and a singer who doesn't sound engaged with the lyrics or the song. The stodgy beat, meandering melody and mediocre, often non-musical lyrics don't help, but as the flip demonstrated, at least poor lyrics can be overcome somewhat if the rest of the record is decent. Then again, the flip didn't go on for almost three and a half dull minutes.

Download: Norm Burns: Out in the World


Stu Shea said...

I like the a-side better, too, but those dissonant guitar runs do tend to blunt the impact of the nice melody and setting...

Thanks for posting!

Timmy said...

Can't argue w/ Stu. He is correct. It's a WINNER!

KL from NYC said...

Wanted to let you know that Preview Records released a vanity soul song by a soul group recorded by The South Carolina Department of Corrections, and there's a bidding war (it's very rare). The guy who posted it is a Northern Soul (UK) vinyl dealer, and he mentions that there are Rod Keith singles going for high Northern Soul prices also (history is in the comments -- click on "Show More" to get all the text). The YouTube link:

rock smith said...

Thanks Bob