Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cleaning and Polishing with His Pledge

Howdy, err-body,

Not a lot of blathering or other great (or lesser thoughts) today. I just wanted to share a nice, solid 45 from Rodd Keith and the Raindrops. First up is "My Pledge", which has a bouncy, driving beat - the drumming here is great - and some keen flute playing, both leading off the track and being heard on a lengthy solo. All that in addition to a typically fine lead vocal from Rodd.

Download: Rodd Keith & the Raindrops - My Pledge

On the flip side, Rodd again benefits from his background in Gospel music, as he dives right into that preacher-style of vocal, and does a credible job on "He'll Answer You". Again, this track features some nice flute playing, including another nice solo, in addition to being heard behind virtually the entire vocal on this unusually long Preview release (3:38, rather than the 2:35 listed on the label)

Download: Rodd Keith & the Raindrops - He'll Answer You

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Timmy said...

The keen flutist definitely makes this one...