Tuesday, July 12, 2016

He Don't Wanna Be Right

Here's everyone's favorite Norm, Norm Burns, this week masquerading as "Norman Burns and Singers", with a bouncy, peppy little number, titled "Is It Wrong?". This features the lovely, sterling work of the Sterling combo on piano, guitar, bass and some wonderfully brushed drums. The words are pretty durn simplistic and direct, but I sure love the sound of that little combo, and I'm always up for Norm on an upbeat groover like this one.

Download: Norman Burns and Singers - Is It Wrong?

I'm not, however, always up for Norm in mid-tempo mode, singing ponderous, earnest lyrics set to a dull tune. That's my description of the song "Friendship". It does have a weird solo on harmonium (or something...), which is quite unusual for a Sterling disc, but that's as far as my interest goes. My guess is that there are others who will like both songs equally, or like this one better, or not like either of them. Such are the ways of song-poem love.

Download: Norman Burns and Singers - Friendship


Stu Shea said...

I'm pretty sure the solo instrument on "Friendship" is a melodica. Props to Norm for even being able to get that steaming mouthful of words out!

Sammy Reed said...

Norm Burns' "Friendship" is very similar to Bobbi Blake's "A Song of Love", which is 3rd-from-last here:
Amazingly, that one was not written by the same lyric-writer as this one!