Monday, December 07, 2015

Questions Questions Questions

I think this is just one of those weeks when I let the featured song speak for itself. And even if I didn't think that, I'm not sure what I'd say about Gene Marshall's performance of "Black Questions", because I have absolutely no idea what the hell this song is about. In fact, I welcome all commenters who wish to chime in and speak to the meaning of G. A. Bamisendu's idiosyncratic lyrics. Please. I beg you.

Download: Gene Marshall: Black Questions

By the way, the song poem database informs me that G. A. Bamisendu also provided the lyrics for a song called "Luster Galore", which is a hell of a phrase. Also note that the label claims the song is over three minutes shorter than it actually is.


On the flip side, there's a peppy pop song called "Get Ready Miss Betty". The first thing that occurred to me about this record is how similar the backing instrumentation and arrangement is to the all time Gene Marshall classic "We Are the Men Counting Sheep", which you can hear here. Sure enough, their label numbers differ by only a few digits. My guess is that they were recorded the same day, or at the very most, a few days apart.

This one isn't in the same category as "Counting Sheep", but it has a driving, forceful band, with some wonderful drumming, and is definitely worth a spin or two.

Download: Gene Marshall: Get Ready Miss Betty

And a very happy 94th anniversary of my father's birth to everyone out there. Wish you were still here, dad.  


Timmy said...

Can't quite understand enough of the lyrics of this first song to say what it's about. Maybe after a few thousand listens... However, I think I do know what the second song's about...

Stu Shea said...

Can't help you out with "Black Question," unfortunately. These early 70s Preview records are far beyond my ken. The drummer, however, appears to be getting paid by the fill.

Marie said...

The only thing I can say about 'Black Questions' is that English was very likely not this song-poet's first language! LOL