Monday, October 12, 2015

"Lance" the Untrustworthy, Parts One and Two

Today, we're all being "Lanced". Whether we need it or not. "Lance" (always in quotes) appears on a handful of Tin Pan Alley singles, performing in a particularly idiosyncratic style. He often seems to have been given the more offbeat submissions, or maybe TPA simply received more offbeat submissions.

In both of the songs contained on this 45, "Lance" is heard portraying a person who seems to not have the best of intentions towards whoever it is he is addressing. On the second side, he's quite upfront about what is to be done about his untrustworthiness, but on the first song, titled "Conception", I'm honestly befuddled as to what he's on about.

The protagonist of "Conception" is upfront about his unsavory ways, but his motivation is quite mysterious, as is the meaning of the title. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, or even something hinted at, and by all means, offer up your thoughts regarding this song.

Download: "Lance" - Conception

On the other hand, the lyrics that "Lance" sings over the thud-rock of "Hands Behind My Back" leads one to believe that the protagonist has been, shall we say, grabby with his gal-pal in the past. So he's offering to go parking somewhere remote with, yes, his hands tied behind his back.

Another interpretation, I suppose, is that the object of his affection is a dominatrix, and given the second verse lyrics, indicating that this is not his first time having his arms bound, and that she's been "cruel" to him, that's certainly a possibility. If so, I suspect this would be a first in terms of lyrical subjects for song-poems.

Whatever the meaning, "Lance" certainly gives the lyric his all, especially at the 1:51 point.

Download: "Lance" - Hands Behind My Back

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Stu Shea said...

"Conception" is pretty dire, but I must give Lance credit for doing his best with these utterly unsingable words. "Hands Behind My Back" is marginally better, but not much, really, and he's HORRIBLE. The drummer also gets kudos for that roll before the "solo" section, which is of course missing a solo. And what the hell is that chord before the last verse?

What a weird record company.

Timmy said...

I think "Conception" is a better work, here, although both are noteworthy. "Conception" is a real masterpiece because of the intriguing surrealism that it holds. Near the end, Lance proclaims that he "wants to boss you all the way, until the day you die"... Who could ask for more commitment from another lost soul in this God-forsaken world than that? And he also seems to be infatuated with gayness, hmmmm. Well, whatever this is all about, it's surely a perplexing conundrum, one that won't be solved anytime soon, and therein lies it's compelling appeal. Carry on, Bobert!!! More! More!!

Anonymous said...

I have one 45 by this fella which initially would seem to be pretty mundane- "John" by "Lance". John falls in love with a woman who turn out to be a spy and tries to stab him on their wedding night. He gets the better of her and shoots her dead. The song reminds you that he did what he had to do for America. It's ridiculous. It completes the trifecta of odd badness with the two you offered up in this post.

Bob Purse said...

Hey, "Anonymous"! I hope you see this - I would LOVE to hear that "Lance" record. If there's any chance of that, please drop me a line - my e-mail address is linked somewhere within this blog or my info page. Thanks! Bob