Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Simple Solution That Fixes Everything!

What it is, Bucko?? You say your life's in the dumps, and nothing's gone right in two years? Well, man about town Dick Kent has the solution for you! It doesn't even matter what the problem is: lost job, divorce, terrorism, hemorrhoids, dishpan hands, an oil leak, Fox News, carotid artery issues, running out of Pampers...you name it!!!

The solution is: JUST WALK THROUGH (sorry: THRU) SOME DANG DAISIES!!!!

And it only takes 99 seconds, too!

Sing it, Dick!!!

This record may be the only Dick Kent/Rodd Keith pairing where I actually prefer the Dick Kent side. On the flip side, an unbearably unctuous Rodd sings a fairly turgid weeper about a son who used to be little, isn't any more, and is far, far away. Yes, for those who collect such things, it's a Vietnam song-poem!



Kenny said...

Feeeel the syrup flowing through you.
At 1:10 I think he started to sing the next phrase too early. Fabulous.

Timmy said...

Quote of the decade: "unbearably unctuous Rodd sings a fairly turgid weeper".
Oh, God! How could I ever top that? What more can be said?

Bob Purse said...

Good catch - Kenny! I'm certain you're right, and I'd missed that. How rare for Rodd to mess up like that. He doesn't sound like he though much of this material....

Glad you liked the comment, Timmy - I enjoyed writing that line, too!