Saturday, January 24, 2015

She's a Bad Mother...

First, I want to say something off topic for a moment: 

What a sad day.

It's hard to remember for sure this many years later, but I think Ernie Banks was my first celebrity hero. And while that would have been because he was a great ballplayer at first, other things continued to make him someone I found amazing, and worthy of the word hero: specifically, his positivity - about everything, apparently - was a real inspiration.
Over the years, I've heard multiple people who knew him say that his public persona of always being upbeat and having a positive outlook wasn't an act - it was really who he was. I've always found that something to aspire to. Seeing him in an appearance at Wrigley or at some other event covered on TV always brightened my day. I'll really miss him.

Now that I've brought the mood down, let's raise it with something ridiculous. I don't know that there's a lot to blather on about regarding this record, titled "Save Your Tears Mom". First, it's Norm, and I love Norm. He's not always good (see the flip side), but there's a far better than average chance of hearing something I'll want to hear again if his name is on the label

And when the first words out of his mouth are:

Save your tears, mom
It was you who taught me to steal
You said it would be alright, 
Didn't you? can be certain that you're in for a fun two minutes and 48 seconds. And it does not disappoint.

Download: Norm Burns and the Five Stars - Save Your Tears Mom

Of the flip side, "Dawn", I can think of nothing worthwhile to say whatsoever. Even Lew Tobin didn't want to claim a co-writer credit on this one.

Download: Norm Burns and the Five Stars - Dawn

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Timmy said...

Sure, we could say: "Onward & Upward" to these two sides, but why? These are both winners & as far as I can tell they're both destined to be in the Top 5,600 Song-Poem Hits Of All Time. There should be more songs dedicated to telling the sometimes awful truths about "mother dearest"...