Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Downer

Today, of course, we have another Christmas related song. In this case, it's Gene Marshall with "Raindrops on the Rooftops. But the only thing I found myself thinking while listening to this track was "what was the writer's intention in putting together this lyric?" Because the song is all about how Santa can't go to areas where it's raining and there's no snow. 

Presumably the song wasn't intended for those who are past the Santa age, or who were never there to begin with. I would think most songs about Santa's visit (aside from winking ones like "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", and a few I can think of with very adult themes), are directed straight at those who are actually (and anxiously) awaiting his arrival with parcels of toys. 

So, again, why write a song presenting the very real possibility of rain on Christmas Eve, and which states directly that, in that case, Santa simply won't arrive. To play it for the kiddies? And if you do, what if it's raining that night? 

I'm happy to hear a good Christmas novelty track, especially if it's from around a different bend than usual, but this one is built on a weird premise that I can't imagine working at all on its presumed target audience. 

On the other hand, Gene sounds great!

The flip side, "My Time", also sung by Gene Marshall, is about as resolutely average a Preview 45 of the era that you're likely to hear. It's interchangeable, musically, with dozens of other releases. And the lyrics are about that song-poem standard, the good old days (and how bad things are getting today. Specifically, this is about the movement of time, and just how amazingly good things used to be (referring to some point in history where there was only peace and brotherhood - not sure when that was).


Timmy said...

I , once again, don't know what's exactly wrong here. Maybe it's me, YES! IT IS ME... But (to me) these two sides seem too normal to get excited about. At least the "Downer" song is just that, A DOWNER, so that's good, but other than that fact, both songs give no real hint of surprising irony nor sly pun, as to their buffoonery. They are just good, and that IS bad. But, of course they're great!
Thanx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Interesting predicament Santa has there.....never thought about it! of course he can't go flying around if it's raining! And then the roofs all get icy, how's he gonna land the damn thing! Leave it to the song poets to expose this potential disaster!

Hey, happy holidays Bob, just in case I don't get to talk to you before then! Another great year of song poems, courtesy!!!

Hope it doesn't rain on Xmas in your town, Bob! That would be a shame, especially so soon after posting this record!