Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Everyone Wants More Dick

Well, so much for the plan to fill up the site with posts every five days until I was caught up. Days after making the sound files for the last two posts, my needle gave up the ghost, and as I order new ones online these days, I had to wait a week for a new one.

But I think I've got something to make up for that delay, in one of the weirdest song-poem pairings you're likely to come across. 

I first saw these titles several years ago on the AS/PMA Preview page, but never thought I'd actually get a chance to hear them. Glory be, though, a copy came up for sale in a Buy It Now on eBay, and I snapped it up! Here we have someone named Alain Peron, offering up some thoroughly misguided (and limited) lyrics supporting the GOP ticket of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew.

On both sides of the record, the limited lyrics are padded out to nearly four minutes by lengthy instrumental sections. Note that the singing on side one ("We Want Dick, We Want Dick, We Want Dick") doesn't start until 70 seconds into the record, and ends (aside from some chanting) more than two minutes before the record ends. And doesn't the crowd at 2:20 sound enthused? That's all I'll say, I think - I'll let you discover the wonders of this record on your own.

The Preview page has some contradictory information regarding when various records appear to have been released, but based on this label number, it appears much more likely that this record was put together for the 1972 campaign, rather than the 1968 campaign.

The flip side of this masterpiece - "We Want Dick and Spiro, We Want Dick and Spiro, We Want Dick and Spiro" - opens with music unlike anything ever heard on another Preview disc. It starts with a moment of polka-esque music, before moving into some Austrian-styled oompah music. The vocals here wait until the 75 second mark, and clearly are from a different recording - you can hear the source tape ramping up to speed on the first word. At least on this one, the vocals carry on for the remainder of the song.

Again, the lyrics here are the main show, and I encourage you to discover them on your own, with one exception that I will share, because it just makes me laugh out loud - has anyone actually ever referred to politicians in this way: "a Repub instead of a Demo?"


Anonymous said...

Where do you buy needles? Mine gave up the ghost, and so I have a stack of useless vinyl until I can get a replacement.

Bob Purse said...


I get mine from

I had to enter the brand name and item number of my turntable, I think - it's been awhile since I used them for the first time.

Please let me know that you got this note - otherwise I'll lead off the next post with a link...


Timmy said...

These are classic gold! True art...

Sammy Reed said...

I now have a new YouTube "channel" for "Music from the World of the Strange and the Bizarre"!
I'm starting off with songs I USED to have, before my 2012 strange-music "purge", that I made videos of when I had an earlier account. I'm VERY glad to have these videos, when I don't have the songs now! My personal favorite is Bobbi Blake's "Bowling Alley Bowling Alley".
Here's the address of my YouTube page:

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Bob! I've heard about this record for years! Gene Marshall talks about it in either the bonus footage on the Off The Charts DVD, or the unedited interview that I've seen...apparently when they finished this song, and the tape was shut off, Merlino added "You c**ksucker!"...and one of the backup singers got really mad because she was for Nixon. Heard about it from one of our friends also, who has it! At last! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a Republican to be so typically unaware as to write a song entitled "We Want Dick! We Want Dick!"....can see they weren't any brighter in the late 60s/early 70s than they are today. Hilarious.

Well they got what they wanted! Happy now?! :P